Product Delivery

In addition to waste management and disposal, Tesla Environmental provides safe and reliable transportation and product delivery services for your finished products. Our knowledgeable and experienced environmental services team will ensure the utmost care and safe handling of your finished goods. Tesla Environmental’s extensive fleet of transportation and product delivery vehicles can safely and securely collect, transport, and deliver your finished products to clients, distributors, or affiliates. Our specialized product delivery equipment includes

  • Vacuum tankers offer transportation of various liquids with 27,000 litre capacity.
  • Tanker trucks provide bulk movement of liquid products with 36,000 litre capacity. We provide certified clean tanker trucks for the transportation and delivery of your bulk finished goods.
  • Van trailers are ideally suited for transporting large loads of containerized goods and a variety of finished products to your customers or distributors.
  • LTL box trucks are an excellent solution for smaller loads.

To request a quote for our product delivery services, please contact the environmental services experts at Tesla Environmental today. We offer product delivery for companies throughout the Kitchener area, including Cambridge, Waterloo, Kitchener, Stratford, St. Jacobs, Guelph, and Hamilton.


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