Rapid Response

Emergency rapid response is a vital service for spill containment and environmental contamination management in situations such as fuel spills, chemical spills, and hazardous waste spills. Fast, professional response with the proper equipment and hazardous material handling knowledge is critical in such high-pressure situations. With any spill, the first priorities of our environmental services technicians are safety and containment. Every rapid response emergency situation must be managed with a commitment to personal safety, environmental responsibility, and full compliance with all applicable environmental regulations.

Our qualified rapid response personnel are highly trained to assist commercial, industrial, and institutional organizations with unexpected situations requiring the following environmental services in the Kitchener region:

  • After hours service
  • Fire water collection and disposal
  • Spill clean-up services
  • Vacuum trucks
  • Confined Space entry
  • Industrial power wash cleaning
  • Natural disaster cleanup services

From roadside spills to chemical and hazardous waste leakage, flood damage, and environmental contamination, Tesla environmental has the trained manpower and specialized equipment to assist your company with rapid response in the event of the unexpected.

Our fleet of vacuum trucks, wet/dry power vacuums, hydro vacs and vacuum tankers can quickly and efficiently remove contaminated water, soil, mud or other debris and transport it to the appropriate waste disposal facility. We are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. For rapid response services and any of our other professional and reliable environmental services, contact Tesla Environmental today.


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